Most of the schools await the admissions season and yet confused on how to handle the loads of work with in the short period. Here we come with organized and simple process to handles admissions with all demographics, communication preferences, subject & activity choices.

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Vedam’s Admissions module offers integrated online and offline enquiry process which is will collect student and parent details systematically, it also captures the back and forth communication on an enquiry until the either admission is accepted or rejected by school. It will also enable the admission process and exam/result documents to attached to enquiry/admission.


Up on the confirmed admission, systems captures necessary data such as Student, Parent demographics, communication preferences, subject selections and activity selections. The copy of academic year fee setup for the given class will be automatically attached to student, however system gives the ability to adjust the fee based on individual admission . Admission process can be completed real-time while working with the parents. Also, schools who prefer to have admission forms manually with own set of forms can complete the admissions at later point as well . Each admission is give a unique admission number based on school, branch and date of the admission. School can choose to have their own admission number and can be entered manually.

Schools can design their own parent portal and they can determine what they want to show and on parent portal and mobile app.