Flexible fee setup and efficient fee collection

Profitability and sustainability can only be achieved with timely fee collections. Vedam provides necessary tools to make it achievable. Every school has unique need of having its own unique fee structure. We provide flexibility of defining your own fee types such as annual, term, academic, sports and fee structures. Everything about fee are managed at academic year level and that will allow you to change the fee structures to accommodate your future needs.

fee setup


Though we will be glad to help you setup, The complete setup tools are in your hand and you can define school terms, fee & fee types, fee structures, discounts and the maximum discount that can be given for each class. Fee is automatically adjusted / can be adjusted manually for any mid-term admissions.

As the fee setup is based on academic year, You can rollover the setup of current academic year to next academic year without needing to re-enter the setup. Roll overed fee setup further can be modified, reconfigured to match with needs of the new academic year setup.


Apart from the education, fee collection is the vital part for sustainability, profitability and operational efficiency. We, at Vedam, understand the unique needs and preferences of schools in collecting the fees. Along with great flexibility of setup, Vedam gives Payment Gateways, notifications, reminders, several fee due reports to assist the fee collection. Fee collection process synchronizes payments from all channels (parent module, mobile payments, cheque payments and cash payments) in giving single view of financial status

fee collection

School can setup automatic notification for fee reminders and yet school will have flexibility to send messages to specific students, classes, sections.