Pickup and Dropping are two key everyday logistical process which involves multiple stakeholders. Unfortunately, this the most questioned and argued process in any school. We optimally designed the transportation module keeping the sensitivities in mind where both school and parents can keep track and monitor the vehicles and routs.


Transportation module is designed as additional and independent module keeping the breadth of the functionality involved. This modules maintains all the vehicle related details such as make, models, cost, insurance, expenses, all the driver and helpers details, Routs, Pickup and dropping points in easy navigation.

This modules has separate dashboard and show the transportation revenues, fee collections and dues.



Transportation mangers can monitor Realtime movements of GPS enabled school vans and buses from their admin module. Parents can monitor their wards bus status and moments minute by minute so that they can board and collect students on time without wasting valuable time.

We can integrate your GPS provider if you have already. We can also provide GPS partners in certain cities.

Parents can see the trends in marks for each subjects with-in a year and as well as over the years.