Integrating the parents in to school echo system in multiple ways is best way to achieve continuous and incremental improvements for any school. Keeping parents informed about their ward at as many steps as possible will improve the confidence and the loyalty of parents towards the school. Vedam helps school to achieve this with it parent module and mobile application.


Both parent portal on the web and the school specific mobile app enables seamless interactions between the school and the parents. Parents can view students details such as class time table, school events/holidays, academic selections, attendance record, exams, results and all the nonfictions.

Parent can pay fee download the receipts. They can inform about the absence/leave of the student. They can send suggestions to school in general mode or anonymously. When advice given anonymously even school admin cannot see who gave the advice. Parents can track the GPS enabled school transportation bus/van from web or from the mobile app. This will enable parent to timely drop and pickup of the student.

parent portal and mobile app
simple and clean


With a wonderful, very Simple and beautifully laid out parent portal and mobile applications, parents will only see what they need to see. It’s a deliberate effort to keep Parent portal & Mobile app simple without any clutter. Simple single page navigation to enable easy view. We will continuously try to make these more interactive and productive.

Schools can design their own parent portal and they can determine what they want to show and on parent portal and mobile app.